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Jimmy Townsend

Hi I am Jimmy, proudly serving the Dayton, KY & Greater Cincinnati Area.

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community I know it can sometimes be hard to find a place where you can be completely yourself. My goal is to give you the confidence you're looking for in a safe environment. 

I have been behind the chair for 10 years & have found my love for short clipper cuts & edgy colors. I am always listening to each of my clients needs & do my best to provide you with confidence.

When I am not in the salon , I love to go on long weekend camping trips, kayaking with my dear friend Jose, & dreaming of the day I move to Hawaii. I am passionate about nature and accept plant cuttings as a tip!


Favorite Food: Indian

Zodiac Sign: best & most rare of all, Scorpio

Loves: Gardening, hiking & my dog child.


I know all sorts of useless information & have been to over 15 music festivals.

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